Patients. Programs. People.

If you want to increase your patient satisfaction and decrease the stress of developing business, then our formula will work for you.

We believe that the quality of your clinical operations and services is heavily dependent on three things:

  • Properly identifying and achieving quality patient outcomes
  • Creating and implementing efficient and strategic clinical programs designed to achieve those outcomes
  • Ensuring that people are well-trained and prepared to operate under these programs

Patients. Programs. People.

Your clinical operations can be improved by making adjustments and improvements to one or more of these emphasized areas. We’ve seen it again and again.

That’s why we focus on identifying which areas to improve, deploy processes and programs to improve them and ensure that all of your patients, programs and people are in harmony with those changes.

The path to Five Star quality and efficiency is as easy as Patients, Programs and People.

Curious about which areas we can give you support?  Please see our extensive list of offerings below to see a brief description on the many, many ways we can help. If you would like to find out more about our offerings, or would like to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss how we can be of service to your organization, please click here to send us a message.

Clinical Program Development

The key to your most successful and efficient clinical operations starts with well-planned  process and programming.

If your goal is to get to Five-Star status, these are the cornerstones in managing reportable quality outcomes mandated by CMS.

We can improve all levels of your operation by revising and improving existing clinical programs and processes. We can even create custom programs for you and assist in deploying them, managing them and revising them.

We specialize in program development and management in the following areas:

Readmission Reduction
Heart Failure
Joint Replacement

Survey Preparation And Management

Maintaining Five Star status at your facility requires year-round diligence beyond just a brief preparation for your annual survey. Not only do you need to be prepared, but your staff needs to be ready for the survey and the surveyor.

While you may have every good intention to prepare your staff thoroughly, working as a DON or Administrator may have you so busy that it just isn’t possible.

That’s where we can support you.  We have extensive experience in the area of survey preparation and quality management. We can help in the following ways:

On-site Mock Survey
Educating Staff On Survey Needs
Practice Demonstrating Skills Such As Medication Pass And Wound Care
Assessing Core Component Risk
Managing A Complaint Survey
Investigating Abuse Allegations
Speaking To And Dealing With Surveyors

Risk Assessment

Working as a DON or Administrator means that a lot of your time is spent assessing and mitigating risk.

No matter how well-run your facility is, no matter how many programs and protocols you have in place, issues can develop.

It is critical to identify high-risk areas within your organization and reduce that risk before it develops into a negative situation or diminishes the quality of patient outcomes. We can work with you to decrease your risk through our risk assessment programs.  

Our process enables us to assess your existing programs and protocols to identify potential high-risk areas and eliminate or reduce them.

Leadership Development

Effective teams and programs are managed by effective leaders.

If you are committed to achieving Five Star status, then making sure your leaders have the tools and training they need is critical.

Often clinicians must take on leadership roles without experience in team leadership or program management.

What’s the result? Inexperienced or unprepared leadership can lead to limited progress, costly personnel turnover and frustration among the staff.  

We use over 22 years of management experience to help identify, train, prepare and develop current and future leaders who can effectively manage your staff and protocols moving forward.

Staff Development

Your path to Five Stars begins and ends with staff development.

You probably already know that proper execution of any clinical program is crucial to its success and effectiveness. And, the key to proper execution is a staff that is well trained.

Staff members should be aware and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the care process as they are on the frontlines of direct care with your patients and residents.

When you focus on staff development a unity of purpose is created and a cohesive bond forms.  Your staff members understand the goals of your organization. The safety and dignity of patients, along with the highest level of care, is your primary purpose.

At Five Star Clinical Solutions, we can help to train existing or new staff on how to operate under new processes and amended procedures to give you the best possible outcomes.

Call us today to help your organization create and implement the LEAN process in order to simultaneously improve quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

LEAN Process Development/Management

LEAN process is one of the best ways to efficiently use your resources, ensure the highest quality outcomes and reduce your costs.

At Five Star Clinical Solutions, we can implement proven LEAN processes that add value to your organization and eliminate waste. When we bring LEAN process improvement into your organization, we involve your staff at every level. What you will see is an increase in staff satisfaction, retention and compliance.

Having committed, experienced staff is one of the best ways to achieve a Five Star status. Call us today to help your organization create and implement the LEAN process in order to simultaneously improve quality and efficiency while reducing costs.