5 Star Clinical Solutions

"Because Health is Your Most Valuable Asset."

Bridging the Gap Between Patients, Families, and the Expansive Healthcare System

Think of us as “Patient Advocates”, your medical advocates-for-hire! Starting with a personalized assessment, we provide a personalized plan of care. The Five Star Clinical Solutions Patient Advocacy Program offers several options to fit your healthcare and financial needs.

Whether you are a consumer in need of a Patient Advocate to help navigate the complexities of the healthcare system or a post-acute care provider looking to improve your star rating, Five Star Clinical Solutions has the expertise and experience to empower you.

Five Star Experience

Five Star Clinical Solutions is led by Roberta L. Brofman, MBA-HCM, BSN, RN, CDP, who has more than 35 years of experience in the healthcare field. Brofman has held leadership and clinical positions in acute and post-acute care, overseeing successful operations of long-term care, assisted living, hospice and home care facilities – and is highly regarded in the healthcare industry, striving to improve the healthcare process.

What Our Clients Say

The mission of Five Star Clinical is to provide expert clinical consulting to leaders in the post-acute care setting so that they achieve five-star status as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

"Our Patient Advocacy Options" Video

Five Star Clinical Solutions Patient Advocacy Program

Our Professional Services Include:

Development of individualized Plan of Care

MD visit or Zoom with transportation as needed

Summary of MD or Zoom visit reports

Home visits as needed (up to 12 per year)

Phone consulation/communication as needed

Medication Review

Diagnosis/disease teaching (patient and/or family)

Quarterly ADL/cognition assessment (in home)

Home Safety Evaluation

Referral to Support services as needed


At Five Star, We Believe You Can Have It All!

You can have low returns to acute care, quality patient care, excellent patient satisfaction, consistent achievable operational goals, and robust business development.

A focus on these areas means you can improve your service offerings, the quality of your organization and, through those improvements, increase your star ratings.

But, we understand that the current climate of the healthcare industry is highly uncertain and unpredictable.  Whether you are a clinician or administrator you face the constant challenge of balancing cost containment with patient outcomes and satisfaction. The requirement of compliance with the ever-increasing complexity of state and federal regulations has forced you to use resources more efficiently than ever before.

What works are programs and processes that help you to navigate the complex web of regulations, while also improving and maintaining quality. We know, because we do this every day.

We have managed facilities and developed programs for skilled nursing, long-term care, in-patient rehabilitation, assisted living and home healthcare that have achieved Five-Star Status.

We have done it before – and we can do it for you!