Five-Star Clinic Gets ResultsResults. Reputation. Revenue.

At Five Star we believe you can have it all:  Patients, families and surveyors are looking for RESULTS which is what creates your REPUTATION and generates new REVENUE.

Five Star Clinical Solutions works with you and your team to achieve:

  • Low returns to acute care
  • Quality patient care
  • Excellent patient satisfaction
  • Consistent achievable operational goals
  • Robust business development

We know because we do this every day: We have done it before – and we can do it for you!

We have managed facilities and developed programs for skilled nursing, long-term care, in-patient rehabilitation, assisted living and home healthcare that achieve Five-Star Status.

If you want to increase your patient satisfaction and decrease the stress of developing business, then our formula will work for you.

We believe that the quality of your clinical operations and services is heavily dependent on three things:

  • Properly identifying and achieving quality patient outcomes
  • Creating and implementing efficient and strategic clinical programs designed to achieve those outcomes
  • Ensuring that people are well-trained and prepared to operate under these programs.

Five-Star Clinic Gets ResultsPatients. Programs. People.

The path to Five Star quality and efficiency is as easy as PATIENTS, PROGRAMS and PEOPLE: Your clinical operations can be improved by making adjustments and improvements to one or more of these emphasized areas. We’ve seen it again and again…

That’s why we focus on identifying which areas to improve, deploy processes and programs to improve them and ensure that all of your patients, programs and people are in harmony with those changes.

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Why Is Five Star Your Best Choice?

Because We Can… 

• Guide you through the complexities of today’s ever-changing healthcare system
• Provide the  knowledge and customized resources for your individual, unique situation
• Empower you as the decision maker in you or your loved one’s care
• Act as an advocate on behalf of you, the patient
• Avoid critical mistakes in healthcare decisions that can impact future outcomes

And Because We Offer…

Diagnosis education
• Individualized healthcare plan of action
• Family and caregiver education and support
• Facilitate informed medical care decision making
• Review medical records
• Summary visit reports
• Medication review and education
• Appointment attendance
• Safe transportation
• Membership model and precisely targeted fee-for-service options to best meet individual need