Five-Star Clinical’s Roberta Brofman is a proud member of The Greater National Advocates Association

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Whether you are facing a medical crisis or need to plan for future healthcare needs, finding appropriate medical care can be overwhelming and confusing. Five Star Clinical Solutions and our experienced Patient Care Advocates can help. Our professional staff understand the complexities of healthcare to bridge the gap between patients, families, and the expansive healthcare system. We replace concern with confidence so that you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones.

Patient Advocacy can dramatically reduce frustration, complications, and delays in care – resulting in a better healthcare experience. Patient Advocates bear the responsibility of coordinating and navigating the complexities and logistics of healthcare encounters. We create a personalized plan of care to meet your individual needs with services which include:

  • Individualized healthcare plan of action
  • Family caregiver education and support
  • Diagnosis education
  • Review of medical records
  • Medical appointment attendance and transportation
  • Medication review and cost reduction
  • Referral to needed resources

Five Star Clinical Solutions is here to empower you with knowledge and information so you can confidently direct and receive the best available quality healthcare.