“You are an incredible help in every way! Your insights are so thoughtful, your care is wonderful, your resources and ideas are so valuable. Your judgement and experience are really spot on!”


Dr. Bruce Daniel

Your judgement and experience are really spot on!

“It’s hard to put into words the scope of what was provided to me and my family during one of the most difficult times in our lives. Without the guidance of Roberta I would have been lost. Faced with a complicated emergency surgery for my mother and the associated rehab following, we had a mountain in front of us. From room changes to chart tracking, the info provided to us was vital for ensuring her visit went smoothly and her best outcome achieved. It is not an easy feat to manage this alone and with Roberta we were a team. The piece of mind to have an answer behind every call or text was invaluable to my mom’s safety and our overall ability to make it through this scary event. The decision to add a patient advocate to your team in the post-covid era of staffing and supply shortages is indispensable. You can rest easy knowing the determination and willingness to help will be unmatched. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my mom home. Thank you, truly.”


Matt Waris

…rest easy, knowing the willingness to help will be unmatched.

“Very quickly, Roberta, with just one or two meetings, gathers enough information on an organization to assess what’s missing or lacking. Roberta immediately begins forming solutions even while still onsite and a few days later our corporation had in its possession a diagnosis, as you will, a very professionally presented plan of action. Roberta Brofman established herself to us as a superlative professional, one who is very analytical and strategic in her thinking, even to the smallest detail.”


Shawn Harris, Regional Nursing Director, HS Enterprises, LLC

Established herself to us as a superlative professional

“As an Elder Law Attorney, I focus primarily on the financial aspect of care. I needed an expert in clinical care to complement our services. Roberta has been invaluable in advocating for our clients and assisting them in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. I am very happy to have Roberta’s help and expertise.”


Jim Koewler, J.D. The Koewler Law Firm

I am very happy to have Roberta’s help and expertise

“Great experience and expertise in healthcare.”


Angela Daugherty

Great experience and expertise

“As a former colleague of Roberta Brofman, President of Five Star Clinical Solutions, LLC, one can be confident in the level of knowledge and expertise in quality and healthcare navigation she and her team will deliver with the highest level of professionalism.”


Regina Prosser PhD, DNP, RN-BC, LNHA

The highest level of professionalism

“Roberta helped me advocate for my teenage son who was critically ill. Roberta’s determination, compassion, and recommendations helped guide my son back to health again. If you need help navigating the often confusing and intimidating world of caring for a loved one, you need look no further. You could not have a better person advocating for you than Roberta Brofman.”


Sandy Paulchel

You could not have a better person advocating for you than Roberta Brofman